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So we went to the unveiling of the Christmas Shop at Crossroads on Saturday and had a great time. I realized just how overwhelming it is to have to walk in there and take everything in in a 45 minute time span – it’s so much easier to see everything when you’re working there 40 hours a week! I walked away with a tired toddler and two bags of goodies. I indulged my life-long yearning for an ivy topiary (I’m not sure why that had to seem so dramatic) and got one Christmas gift, a few little ornaments for this year, and one gigantic ornament. Can you pick out the glittered monstrosity in my table centerpiece?
That be-jeweled acorn called to me from its comfy nesting spot in one of the Christmas trees and I just had to bring it home. It will probably never hang on my tree because of its sheer size, but I couldn’t pass it up. Here are the others:
The ivy topiary serves as a bit of a back-drop. The red ornament to the left of the acorn is actually a sort of hinged box, which I thought was pretty neat. The mercury glass one just adds to a collection I’ve been accumulating for a few years now, and the gaudy velvet bird is Little B’s ornament for this year. She picked it out herself, and I thought it was quite appropriate for a two year old.


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