the first present

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m very excited for Christmas this year (eh? Christmas you say? Already?! Yes. Christmas). The first Christmas music found its way through my speakers a few weeks ago. The first present was bought over a month ago. Today while making those cookies, Christmas music managed to sneak out of my speakers again, just a little louder this time because I’m not quite so worried about my neighbors thinking I’m weird anymore. And just now, I wrapped the first presents. Look!
There are two main things that I can attribute my allegedly early excitement to. The first is having a toddler in the house, because that just doubles the excitement level of everything. Last year, she just kind of sat in awe of the sparkly tree. This year, she will make jubilant exclamations and probably sing something as entertaining as my brother’s “in enchanted stable” (his three-year-old translation of “in excelsis deo”). Secondly, and less convincing, is the fact that this is my second season out of that over commercialized retail scene which can have a devastating effect on even the cheeriest of elves. I worked at Hallmark (the prime offender, introducing their Christmas ornaments in July!) for two Christmas seasons, and then at Crossroads for two years, which was not nearly so bad (I already mentioned that I’m going to their grand opening bright and early tomorrow morning), but it was an awful lot of Christmas to deal with in September when we started getting the shipments of merchandise in. Here we are in November, and I haven’t had to unpack or price or sell anything Christmassy yet, so it’s all still quite fresh and exciting. I almost feel like I’m getting a late start on it all! So I will apologize in advance if my enthusiasm makes you gag. I’m just really excited.


2 Responses to “the first present”

  1. 1 swingerofbirches
    November 2, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    Me too! I love Christmas and all the festivities! All of John’s immediate and extended family live nearby, and they really know how to go to town for the holidays! I mean, off the deep end in a good way! It’s thrilling to be a part of and now we have a peanut of our own to join the party! We love it.
    Liz and I started listening to Christmas music together in the morning a few weeks ago… In our house the current reigning Christmas album (for three years nows!) is Surfjan Stevens…at first I wasn’t sure if I would like it but it has grown on all of us and it is the hands down winner!

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