Munchkin Nutrition

I discovered (through trial and error) this recipe for my toddler. She recently became quite the picky eater and, while I don’t indulge her food critique for lunch and dinner, I try to get a healthy, hearty breakfast in. Please note that some of the ingredients might not be appropriate for babies and young toddlers…

2 well ripened bananas
1 tbsp. pure honey
1/4 c. organic crunchy peanut butter
2/3 c. organic, whole milk, vanilla yogurt
a bit of ground cinnamon
1/2 bran muffin, crumbled

Mush all the ingredients together (I heat the peanut butter up so it blends smoother). You won’t believe how irresistible your kids (and you) will find this breakfast…even if it does look a bit dodgy! 🙂


1 Response to “Munchkin Nutrition”

  1. 1 Betsy
    October 13, 2007 at 10:48 am

    This looks like a great kiddo breakfast. B would of course prefer to eat it, smashed up, off of her fingers (reminiscent of Joey’s Peanut Butter Fingers idea from Friends). Mr. C told us this morning how Little O misses her grandma already…so cute!

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