I stumbled upon this quote a number of weeks ago and had to save it. I don’t remember where I found it (it was someone else’s blog, I think), but I won’t pretend that I’ve actually read the book, because I haven’t. I found it highly amusing. Maybe I should read the book.

“We must not be totally serious about Venus (marital intimacy) . . . She herself is a mocking, mischievous spirit, far more elf than deity, and makes game of us.  When all external circumstances are fittest for her service she will leave one or both the lovers totally indisposed for it.  When every overt act is impossible and even glances cannot be exchanged – in trains, in shops, and at interminable parties – she will assail them with all her force.  An hour later, when time and place agree, she will have mysteriously withdrawn; perhaps from only one of them. What a pother this must raise – what resentments, self-pities, suspicions, wounded vanities and all the current chatter about “frustration” – in those who have deified her! But sensible lovers laugh. It is all part of the game; a game of catch-as-catch-can, and the escapes and tumbles and head-on collisions are to be treated as a romp. For I can hardly help regarding it as one of God’s jokes that a passion so soaring, so apparently transcendent, as Eros, should thus be linked in incongruous symbiosis with a bodily appetite which, like any other appetite, tactlessly reveals its connections with such mundane factors as weather, health, diet, circulation and digestion . . . It is a bad thing not to be able to take a joke. Worse, not to take a divine joke; made, I grant you, at our expense, but also (who doubts it?) for our endless benefit.”
-The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis


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